Window Cleaning

Our technicians take much pride when it comes to window cleaning. We provide this service Valley wide. Basically, if you have a dirty window we can clean it!

Construction: At Scent From Above we understand the demand for a job-well-done during all phases of construction.

In regards to windows, this means no paint overspray, smeared silicone, concrete splatter, etc.; and the list goes on and on. We can address all the above and have trained technicians that are accustomed to working alongside contractors and on various construction sites. We utilize professional tools with a professional attitude.

Mr. Joe-next-door can clean your windows but our experience makes Scent From Above a valuable resource in maintaining your company’s good reputation.

Commercial: A good first impression for any customer is the cleanliness of your establishment. Windows allow for natural light and a clean window can complement the mood of your business- as the sun is on our side in the Southwest.

One thing that may not be on our side in the Southwest is the dust, dirt, and native-critters as they can make our windows look worn and weathered; to say the least. This directly impacts the environmental characteristics that may facilitate successful employment experiences. We all want a happy staff and even happier customers. Scent From Above believes that our services can help in your efforts to maintain employee morale with clean windows- this services includes the tracks and sills.

A bright and shiny window can maximize the “fit” of your business for your workers and clientele.

Residential: It is often the last thing that you would like to focus on when it comes cleaning but a clean window makes a big difference when it comes to aesthetic-appeal.

The common method most people use when cleaning their windows is with a spray bottle and cloth; or even with a newspaper. This will get your windows clean for the time being. Although, this method will not address any stubborn mineral stains and will create static cling that attracts dirt and dust. We address these issues on a professional level by using specialty tools and appropriate cleaning solutions that will not create damage.

At Scent From Above, we leave our competition in the dust.