Construction Services

Our construction superintendents and project managers look to us to help the job-site look as clean as possible as a building is being constructed. We are known to handle any situation to completion. We have worked on sites that are overseen by local contractors to projects that are managed by Federal organizations. At every level we are conscientious of the need for regulatory compliance and strive for quality work throughout.

We enter into a project or job with experience in our services. We are able to analyze the situations that are job specific and come up with solutions on how to accomplish the job in a safe and professional manner, even if we need only to commence cleaning and get the project underway.

We assist our contractors in product selection. We can help determine which products will be best used for certain areas; i.e. furniture, windows, flooring.

There are different phases of construction cleaning. We can enter into a project at any point needed by the contractor of the construction phase.

Rough Clean: A rough clean is done when there is still major construction being completed. We clean through the building as thoroughly as possible- as a clean and organized workplace is essential to productivity. This, in turn, helps the relationship between contractor and owner during updates and walk-through presentations.

Day labor: We can supply our contractors with day laborers to help maintain the job-site while construction is being completed. Our employees are experienced in what needs to be accomplished on a daily basis. Superintendents can request work to be done and be confident that the job will be completed as requested.

Punch Lists: We actively work with our general contractors on their “final acceptance process”. “Punch lists” is a list of items needed to be completed before turnover to owners. There are certain areas or projects that are time sensitive and we ensure that all requirements are done when needed and to the owner’s satisfaction.

Leeds: This is a “green clean” project support in which we offer at the request of the customer. We use environmentally safe products that help with the indoor air quality for the internal flush. This is what contractors are required to do before owner occupancy and we can facilitate.

Final cleans: We specialize in detailing, it is what we are known for after all. We understand and visualize what our contractors expect when their job is complete. When our final clean is complete; you will find a building ready for the move-in. Windows, walls, trim baseboards, stainless steel etc. will be cleaned to a sparkle. We leave nothing untouched.

Re-cleans: There are times when a final clean has been completed and more construction has taken place. At this time the building is in need of extra cleaning. We can form a crew to come in and clean through the entire building as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Time is of essence considering the need for owner occupancy and cost considerations. We pride ourselves in the ability to get the job accomplished in a timely matter.

Construction: At Scent From Above we understand the demand for a job-well-done during all phases of construction.

Labor Services: SFA is pleased to provide Labor Services within our scope of work. Scent From Above has been delivering custom labor solutions since 1992 and we match the dependable staff to fit your needs.

  • *All employees are background checked drug tested
  • *Employees are all staffed with the equipment needed to complete services requested
  • *All employees are fully trained prior to staffing on your site
  • *Flexible hours to get you the help you need quickly